Tunnel under Suez Canal

Entrance to Suez Canal - Suez

Beach camping south of Taba - Red Sea

Meeting Helfried, Gerhardt and beautifull wives - true Mercedes G fanatics

Mt Sinai

Entrance to St Katherine monestary

Part of St Katherine monestary - Mt Sinai

Blue Mountain - painted by a crazy Belgian using 7 tons of blue paint

Entrance to the crazy Belgian's  folley

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Slow boat to Aswan

Abu Simbel Temple


Our man in Aswan - Mazar. Mazar and his nephew Magdi Boshara assisted us with all the paperwork and travel arrangements between Wadi Halfa and Aswan. They come highly recommended.

Camel Cruise Liner

Camel Taxi

No weapons of mass destruction found

Soon to be married - check out www.onewaysouth.com

White desert

Limestone formations - White desert

Arriving at the Pyramids of Giza - Cairo

Pyramid of Giza

Pyramid of Giza & Sphinx

Arriving at the Med - Alexandria

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First night in Southern Sudan

Confluence of Blue & White Nile - Blue Nile Sailing Club - Khartoum

Naga Temple

Crossing the Nile at Atbara

First South African on the rim of the Hole of the Black Devil - extinct volcano

Maurizio Levi - seated - and his wife Elena - second from right - of the Italian Tourism company. They showed us sights that few people have seen

Age old salt mine in an old extinct volcano where people still gather salt in the traditional way

Nubian village along the Nile

Camping in the desert along the Nile

Arriving at Widi Halfa

Sunset over the Aswan Dam - Wadi Halfa 80 - Maghdi Boshara - seated right - and family. Maghdi is the owner of the Nubatia Boat Service who arranges all onward travel to Egypt. We were treated to a lovely breakfast at their home.

Magdi Boshara - seated right - and family

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Rock hewn church - Lalibela

Enroute to mountian monastery - Lalibela

Enjoying SA finest at Blue Nile Falls - thank you Leon

Lake Tana

Royal compound - Gonder

The roof of Africa - Simien mountians

Galada baboon - Simien mountians

Walea Ibex - Simien Mountians

Camping at Chenek - Simien Mountians

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Marsabit National Park - an oasis in the middle of the desert 50 - Marsabit to Moyale - the most lonely road in Africa

Marsabit to Moyale

Local transport - Moyale

Waiting for Ethiopian border officials

Meeting two Scandinawian cyclists - Yabello

Shock absorber bracket being fixed - Awasha - Moenco Toyota

Taiutu Hotel - Addis Ababa

Best service award - Moenco Toyota - Addis Ababa - Thanks to Chris & Jutta de Muynck, and all their staff who assisted us

Lada taxi's are not made for Koos

Withdrawing  money at the Sheraton - one of only two ATM's in Addis

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Prawns at Ernst's Dar Hilton

Our hosts in Ernst & Madelein at the Dar Hilton

Bagamoyo - Old German Boma

Kilimanjaro showing itself - Moshi  - Tanzania

Zander's monkey - Ol Turkai Lodge - Amboseli

Kilimanjaro seen from Amboseli - Kenya

Meeting One Pound - Amboseli area

Only in Africa



The boys at the Equator

Mt Kenya

Ferdi mocks Koos

Gerenuk - Samburu National Reserve 

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Livingstonia - On the edge of the Great Rift Valley

Koos's Paella at Two Rivers Campsite - Iringa

Udzunga Mountain National Park - Southern Tanzania

Buying Prawns - Dar Es Salaam Fish Market

Idyllic Island just north of Dar Es Salaam

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Tea Plantations at Mulanje Massif


Cape McClear - Lake Malawi


Pieter & Koos cooling down in Lake Malawi


Fish Eagle - Tombe Island - Lake Malawi


Franco enjoying the scenery - Cape  McClear 30 - Camp site - Fat Monkeys Lodge - Cape McClear


Camp site - Fat Monkeys Lodge - Cape McClear

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Meeting Vasco



En route to Gorongoza

Pension Pachita - Inhambane

Piet van Zyl & Family - Envirotrade - Gorongoza area


Camping at Inhamitanga


Allistar & Jane


Crossing Zambezi at Caia

OldChurch enroute to Milange

Spending the night at Milange Border Post - Mozambique &  Malawi

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First of many fuel stops - Ferdi doesn't normally look this chirpy at 05:00

Pieter can't wait for the trip to start. Many months off planning and organizing has eventually materialized. Here we go.

Our host in Pretoria (Louis & Liezl) really gave us a farewell to remember

Driving along the Marginal in Maputo - Fishing boats just before Costa Del Sol - Maputo6-GermanConstructionBrotherhood



Bridge at Quisico

Playa De Marasol - Spending time with Honeymoon couple

Zavora beach - what a beautiful place


Inhambane - Spend a wonderful day with Dennis Adams who owns the best pension in town - more photos follow


Driving next to road due to the size of the potholes


Inhasorro beach- another wonderful day in paradise

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