Rock hewn church - Lalibela

Enroute to mountian monastery - Lalibela

Enjoying SA finest at Blue Nile Falls - thank you Leon

Lake Tana

Royal compound - Gonder

The roof of Africa - Simien mountians

Galada baboon - Simien mountians

Walea Ibex - Simien Mountians

Camping at Chenek - Simien Mountians

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Marsabit National Park - an oasis in the middle of the desert 50 - Marsabit to Moyale - the most lonely road in Africa

Marsabit to Moyale

Local transport - Moyale

Waiting for Ethiopian border officials

Meeting two Scandinawian cyclists - Yabello

Shock absorber bracket being fixed - Awasha - Moenco Toyota

Taiutu Hotel - Addis Ababa

Best service award - Moenco Toyota - Addis Ababa - Thanks to Chris & Jutta de Muynck, and all their staff who assisted us

Lada taxi's are not made for Koos

Withdrawing  money at the Sheraton - one of only two ATM's in Addis

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