First night in Southern Sudan

Confluence of Blue & White Nile - Blue Nile Sailing Club - Khartoum

Naga Temple

Crossing the Nile at Atbara

First South African on the rim of the Hole of the Black Devil - extinct volcano

Maurizio Levi - seated - and his wife Elena - second from right - of the Italian Tourism company. They showed us sights that few people have seen

Age old salt mine in an old extinct volcano where people still gather salt in the traditional way

Nubian village along the Nile

Camping in the desert along the Nile

Arriving at Widi Halfa

Sunset over the Aswan Dam - Wadi Halfa 80 - Maghdi Boshara - seated right - and family. Maghdi is the owner of the Nubatia Boat Service who arranges all onward travel to Egypt. We were treated to a lovely breakfast at their home.

Magdi Boshara - seated right - and family

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